The name's Tyler, but most people call me Ty.

I build cool things on the internet for some pretty awesome people.

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Below you will find a select few of my recent projects. If you would like to see more,
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Spectrum Health - Health Beat

Elexicon, Inc.


SOLI By Amway

Blackbaud, Inc.

Progressive AE

Me in a Nutshell

Honestly, I'm a pretty simple guy. Give me a computer, some music & caffeine and I'll make internet magic. I'm a full-stack developer, meaning I can handle projects from start to finish, front-end and back-end. I specialize in custom WordPress themes and plugins, but have a vast amount of experience with popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter. I have successfully extended WordPress beyond most people's comprehension and have given talks on doing so (as well as volunteered) at WordCamps around the country. I love open source code and contribute to every project I am able. I am a constant learner, but at the same time a natural born leader. I am constantly pushing myself to learn new methods, technologies and workflows to improve not only my skills, but the teams I work with as well.

With that said, if you're developing something cool and want some input, contact me!

Offline; I'm an extreme sports enthusiast, avid-traveler, and thrill-seeker. I do enjoy an adult beverage with some good company, and live music is always a treat. If any of these activities are up your alley, let's talk.


If you would like to reach me you may do so using the form below. I am not currently looking for full-time employment, however I am always interested in hearing about possible opportunities. If you'd like to see more portfolio examples, talk about a possible project or just grab a beer, give me a shout!

Spectrum Health - Health Beat Visit Health Beat »

Health Beat is an international award winning health blog ran by the marketing team at Spectrum Health. The blog currently has over 146,000 dedicated readers, 100 different authors and editors, 2,500+ published articles, and 9 international awards. I'd be lying if I didn't say this is my most popular site built to date.

Spectrum Health Health Beat

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SOLI By Amway

SOLI was an interesting project, to say the least. Ran by the Research & Development department at Amway, it was an international e-commerce project that was required to be multilingual in French and English.

This project required a complex user management system tied in with the WooCommerce e-commerce system. This system I developed allowed Amway to create "teams" of users to sell their products. As their team members recruit more sellers and sell more products, they are compensated based on a set of complicated algorithms. Users with proper access can then review the progress of their teams and their compensation.

On top of the user management and compensation system, I built a custom survey system that allows users to answer a set of questions to create a user dashboard and recieve recommended events and "product collections". These "product collections" are created by Amway Team members and contain a set of products related to one another to simplify the selling process.

Unfortunately, due to this project only being ran by Amway's R&D department it has since been decommissioned. The site remains in an archive for Amway use only and may be brought back to life in the near future. I have included some screenshots of the site below for your viewing pleasure. This was one of the most complex websites I've ever built. click on the images for larger view.

SOLI Homepage SOLI Assessment SOLI User Dashboard SOLI Product Collection SOLI User Compensation

Terryberry Visit Terryberry »

Terryberry provides employee recognition software and services to companies around the world. Having been in business for over 100 years, Terryberry is an industry leader in employee recognition innovation.

Bonus: check out the awesome Certificate Maker application I developed!

Terryberry, Inc.

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Westend Tap House Visit Westend Tap House »

Westend Tap House was a collaboration project with The Firm Graphics out of Denver, Colorado. The Firm designed a beautiful website for the local tap house and was in search of a developer (me) to bring their creation to life. The end product is one of my favorite single-page website builds to date.

Westend Tap House

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Elexicon, Inc. Visit Elexicon »

Elexicon is an interactive branding agency out of Grand Rapids, Michigan who also happens to be my current employer. We rebuilt the Elexicon site in the winter of 2015 and have since slightly neglected it due to higher priority work. None-the-less, the site is undergoing a full rebuild as we speak and is expected to launch sometime mid 2017. Spoiler alert: you can see much of my work showcased on the Elexicon Portfolio.

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Progressive AE Visit Progressive AE »

Progressive AE is an architectual design firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Progressive AE site focuses on filtering and showcasing the company's broad portfolio in a user-friendly way, providing a beautiful interface for browsing throughout.

Progressive AE

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Blackbaud, Inc.

Blackbaud is the leading cloud software company serving nonprofits, foundations, and educational institutes around the world. Having many avenues of business, Blackbaud often requires fast micro-site builds with hard deadlines and precision work. Over the years I have been able to serve Blackbaud on some of their largest projects internally and externally. Below you will find several links to projects I have had the pleasure of working on with Blackbaud.